Sunday, October 30, 2005

First 4k

So following the schedule I did my longest run so far yesterday, an epic 4k. It was surprisingly hard work, and I thought that I was going rather slower than usual, though it turned out to be pretty much my usual pace. I've switched to a new route for these longer runs, down through Chesterton towards the Pike & EelPenny Ferry and along the river. I absolutely love the river, and it was particularly gorgeous yesterday, with the morning sunshine, the sparkling water, the autumn leaves. Unfortunately it takes about 1.95k to get there, so I turned around and came back almost immediately. Next Saturday it's 5k, though, so I'll get beyond the railway bridge. On the way out I met a group of four fit-looking young runners striding purposefully along in the other direction. One of them wished me a cheery "Good morning!", encouraging me to think that I actually look like something a runner, rather than just a sweaty bloke in a hurry. I expect it's the Asics that make the difference.

One other noticeable feature of the new route is that I was a good deal more comfortable running on a surface that slopes down to the left, rather than one that slopes down to the right. Either my left leg is slightly longer than my right, or fact that my standard route is left-sloping has had some subtle effect on my running form. I'll have to try running it the other way round next time.


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