Wednesday, October 19, 2005


So, the week before last I went running three times. Last week I went running once. And as you can see I didn't update the blog at all. When you haven't been out one day, it's easier to stay in the next day too.

So I have a new rule. At least one kilometer of running for every unit of alcohol. As well as providing motivation, this rule has the advantage of being calorie-neutral - it takes about 80 calories to run 1km, which is around what you get from one unit.

Since adopting this rule, I have been out running every single day. All both of them.


Blogger Matt Whyndham said...

Nice rule. I have thought of implementing a pints/miles equivalent, but it doesn't always work. On my weekend runs, I always end up bumping into pink elephants before the 10 miles is up. Or something, I forget.

Joking aside, I do notice these repeated days of can't be bovvered. Even going out for 10 minutes is enough to break these.

21 October, 2005 17:35  

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