Sunday, October 02, 2005

September summary; October goals

September summary
Only 11 outings in September, one fewer than August, but I did run further and faster, covering a total of 27km in just under three hours total running time. My average mile pace for the month was 10:34, compared to 11:10 in August.

October goals

  • Go running on at least 16 days, i.e. more days running than not. But at
    least one rest day per week.
  • Run the short loop (2.36km) with only one minute walking. I should be able to achieve this by increasing my running intervals by one minute per week.
  • One longer outing each week, increasing from 3k to 4.5k over the month

2005 goals

  • Run the short loop without stopping
  • Run 5 miles
Goals before I'm 40 on 9 February 2006
  • Run the short loop faster than 9 min/mile
  • Run 10k


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