Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Before sunrise

The cold seems to be on the way out now, so I was back running again this morning. Two more running firsts today; first time I've gone running before sunrise, and first time I've run 4/1 intervals.

Dawn is a lovely time of day. A fantastic clear crisp blue sky, with a tiny bright moon hanging overhead, and the first rays of the sun shining on the rooftops. Bleedin' chilly, though. Allegedly 7°C, though I'm surprised it was as much as that. Gloves. I need gloves.

Despite the longer intervals, I was no quicker than last week, but it felt very comfortable - indeed I feel like I could run the whole way round without stopping now (for the 2.36 km loop, at least). But I'll keep on increasing the intervals gradually.


Blogger David said...

Enjoyed looking at your blog. I started running at age 34, 22 years ago. My times improved for about 6 years. Have done some triathlons over the years and ran my first marathon in 1997. Just got tired of people asking me if I'd ever run a marathon. After 5 tries, I qualified and ran the Boston Marathon in 2004.

So, stick with it. Some days i don't enjoy the process but I always enjoy the benefits.

Midpack guy from Kansas.

02 October, 2005 02:16  

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