Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Well, I won't be writing any smug posts about quitting caffeine any time soon. On Saturday I had the most crushing headache I can remember having for a very long time, and had to retire to bed and whimper. Slightly mysteriously it didn't go away when I gave in and had some coffee, either. Anyway, for now it's back to two cups a day, and I'll try tapering off more gradually.

Out again this morning for a very gentle couple of k. Shins behaving themselves at the moment (if that's not tempting fate).


Blogger jeanne said...

It took me two weeks to quit caffeine and that was two years ago...i was sick of having to have coffee or risk a headache, plus I was constantly anxious and I was certain the 10 cups I drank a day didn't help. I did taper off gradually and after two weeks I was caffeine free. So you can do it too, just try to do it slowly. And for some reason, I always got the worst headaches on the weekend if I didn't get my caffeine in at exactly the right time. Good luck, and good luck with running! (p.s. I am not terrifyingly fit either. ha.)

26 September, 2005 04:40  

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