Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Round again

It's going to be hot today, but was still pleasantly cool at 6:40. Last night we had a picnic on Castle Hill and watched the rather lovely sunset; this morning the sun was up before I was, and busy burning away the early morning mist as I went out. But it won't be all that long until I'll be getting up in the dark.

Another slightly faster run this morning, and with a time of 15:02 it probably won't be long until I'm faster than 15 minutes and need to extend the route a bit. Ultimately I'd like to get as far as the river on my standard morning route, and perhaps have one longer run each week along the towpath.

It was noticeable this morning that the local spider population, obviously bored of their usual diet of flies, moths and the occasional wasp, had decided to spice it up a bit by trying to capture an early-morning runner or two. There were strands of web strung across the path all over the place. However, this is one area in running where being a bit overweight is an advantage, and I managed to battle through without being trapped. I'm sure the little eight-legged monsters were sitting in the trees thinking how much good eating there was on me.


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