Friday, August 26, 2005

Cool running

In contrast to recent days, I had no trouble at all getting up at 6.30 this morning to go running, despite having been up until midnight clearing up after a most enjoyable dinner party. I'm sometimes a little, um, tired on Friday mornings following the Thursday dinner party, but I think my zealous running enthusiasm moderated my wine intake. Expect I'll feel it later, though.

A definite chill in the air this morning, though still quite comfortable running weather. But I'm going to need something a little warmer as winter approaches; gloves, in particular, when it gets really cold. Is it possible to buy running gear that doesn't have company logos all over it? Most of my kit comes from a closing-down sale at that sports shop in Lion Yard (which seems to specialise in closing-down sales), and it's adorned with a variety of corporate insignia. This morning I had Nike shorts, an Umbro top, and somebody else's socks. As well as not being a very harmonious assemblage, I'd prefer to be wearing kit that wasn't advertising sportswear companies. I can't imagine the sportswear companies are particularly desperate for the endorsement of an overweight 39-year-old software developer, either.

Another very pleasant run, and continuing to get easier. The running intervals didn't seem so long, and the walking ones were quite long enough. I think I'll be ready for 2.5/1 intervals next week.


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