Saturday, August 20, 2005

First Saturday run

Hmm, I must be getting keener on this running lark if it gets me out of the house by 8am on a weekend morning. Same route & intervals again, ever so slightly further this time, to outside number 5. But it's a bungalow with quite a long frontage, so this is at least a noticeable advance on number 7. Oh yes.

I think I'll try 2/1 minute run/walk intervals next week, and vary the routine a little bit - at the moment I'm running faster for the first half to see how far I get, then pootling back very gently - not that my outbound pace is very much more than a pootle. So instead I'll do the warm-up walk to the top of Leys Avenue, then run to some fixed point and back again, then cool-down walk back home. I'll have a play with the Gmaps pedometer to pick some suitable point, but I'll aim for between 15 and 20 minutes in addition to warm-up/cool-down. Hopefully it won't be that long before I can manage a Milton Rd/Gilbert Rd/Carlton Way loop in this time.


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