Wednesday, August 03, 2005

5W, [1.5R, 1W] x 4, 3W

...i.e. five minute warm-up walk, four lots of run one and a half minutes, walk one minute, then three minutes cool-down walk. It's feeling marginally easier now; I might upgrade to one-and-three-quarter minutes next week. Oooh, the excitement.

I'm still pretty glad I'm doing this first thing in the morning when there are few people about to witness my shuffling, wobbly progress. No doubt when I'm striding along with the wind in my heels in a few months time, I'll be happy to go running any time. But that seems a long way off at the moment. And it is a great way to wake yourself up.

Took a new and exciting route this morning, as I was going over to pick up the car. We are a Mostly Carless household, sharing the use of my father-in-law's car on the rare occasions when we need motorised transport. Normally I cycle to work, five miles each way, though mysteriously this hasn't prevented me being overweight and not particularly fit (hence the running). But at least it means that I have some residual level of fitness - a few weeks back I was overcome with a mad urge to walk the five miles to work, which was actually very pleasant, early on a summer's morning. It took about an hour and a half, each way, and I didn't feel at all bad the next day, apart from a little stiffness in my shins.

However, the bike became sadly unwell on the way home last night, and I haven't had time to fix it. I had a go, but something funny seems to have happened to the back wheel; eldest daughter's running commentary wasn't helping a great deal either. So it's the car to work this morning, and instead of my usual back-street run, I decided to run over to father-in-law's flat to pick it up. I thought this might leave me with a bit of extra walking to do at the other end, but in the event I ended up with distance to spare, and did a loop round the little park on Carlyle Road, much to the bemusement of a homeless gentleman slumped on a bench, and his extremely large dog.

A rest day tomorrow, then we're off on holiday on Friday. But I'll try to keep running.


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