Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Since installing a site meter on this page, it's been interesting to see where my visitors have been coming from. So far it's a fairly even divide between search engine results and referrals from the Running Blog Family Directory. And I see I've even got an RSS subscriber at Bloglines (Hi Matt!). I seem to be much more popular with non-Google search engines; I'm already up to tenth spot for "running for beginners" on Yahoo, but I'm nowhere on Google (no doubt reflecting their superior algorithm). However, thanks to a typo in the RBF directory I'm already at number one for "running for begginers". Such is fame.

I see that one visitor was searching for "recommend running shoes overweight". Thanks, buddy. Well, as I've said, I'm very happy with my GT-2100s, and if I can lose another 7kg then I'm sure I'll be happy to recommend them for non-overweight use too.


Blogger Matt Whyndham said...

Hi Phil!

The Brooks Beast is also traditionally a Big Guy shoe, and your correspondent might want to look at the well-built end of the New Balance range too. Motion Control features are generally what a heftier runner needs. But don't rely on web searches, a decent running shoe shop is the best source of advice for any runner with any non-standard requirements.

07 September, 2005 17:57  
Blogger buryblue said...

Hello Phil

Spotted your site on Running Blog Family. As a hear neighbour I think it is good to get some more local running web sites.

I have started running again this year after a long break and putting on some weight!

I have chosen Brooks Addiction 6 as these seem to cater for heavy wear on the outer soles.

11 September, 2005 15:02  

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