Monday, September 05, 2005

Shin whinge

Hmm. My right shin isn't exactly hurting, but it's making its presence felt a little more than the left one. "Hi. I'm your shin. Remember me? I'm not exactly wild about this running business that I'm suddenly supposed to cope with three or four times a week."

It was fine when I went out on Saturday, but was nagging quietly for most of Sunday. As I say, it's not hurting exactly, just sort of muttering at my nervous system in a slightly threatening way. At the moment it's fine - though I didn't go running this morning, mostly because of the thunderstorm. Another factor was that I'm feeling a little sleep-deprived at the moment; our next door neighbour has been away for a few days, and her 17-year-old son has been making the most of the partying opportunity.

Anyway, on Saturday as expected I completed my 2.36km in under 15 minutes, so it's time to extend the route a little. After a bit of fiddling about with Gmaps pedometer I've added a segment that goes down Chesterton Hall Crescent and back up Herbert Street, for a total of 2.93km. This does involve crossing Milton Road twice, but I'm hoping this won't be too challenging in the early morning. I'll need to be doing nearly a 5 minute kilometer pace before the route will need extending again, which I expect will be a while, particularly if my shin doesn't settle down. Time will tell.


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