Friday, September 16, 2005

Last cuppa

The final cup of coffee of my decaffeination plan sits steaming on my desk. If all goes well then around this time next week I'll be writing a smug post entitled How I Quit Caffeine In 14 Days With No Headaches.

Dragged myself out for a run this morning, though wasn't really in the mood. Went back to the slightly shorter route, and slightly easier intervals. It was OK, but far from fantastic. I just need to get out a bit more regularly. Here's a graph of my outings so far, showing the mile pace of each one. As you can see they're slightly less frequent in the fortnight than previously, and my rapidly accelerating pace from the first few weeks has pretty much levelled off. So that's the low-hanging fruit eaten, then.

While I've made some progress towards my goal of running 10k without stopping, I haven't shed a great deal of weight so far, so I suspect I'm going to have to take further measures. Historically I've only found two effective ways of losing weight: (i) visit a third world country for at least a month; (ii) stop drinking alcohol. One of these isn't really an option. So, off to Zambia, then.


Blogger buryblue said...

I have to say its not unusual to actually put on a small amount of weight when you take up running as you convert some of the 2 inches you can pinch around the middle into muscle.

Although I have lost 2 stone according to the body mass index bmi calculation I am still overweight but thats probably because I also enjoy a beer or two

19 September, 2005 20:35  
Blogger Phil said...

I have noticed that my belt is one notch smaller since I started running, even if my weight hasn't changed much.

19 September, 2005 21:42  
Blogger jeanne said...

That was pretty funny.

26 September, 2005 04:41  

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