Monday, September 26, 2005


After a wildly enthusiastic four consecutive morning runs last week, it was time for a lie-in this morning. I've had a bit of a cold for the last couple of days; nothing as severe as the lying-in-bed-feeling-sorry-for-myself kind, but enough to be snuffling, feeling a bit lethargic, and taking the occasional paracetamol. Well, Tesco flu strength caplets, in fact, which also feature some yummy phenylephrine hydrochloride decongestant. Oh, and caffeine. Ho ho.

Perhaps I'll go running tomorrow morning, and suddenly feel enthused with a rush of endorphins. Or perhaps it'll aggravate my cold into full-blown bubonic plague. Or perhaps I'll stay in bed.

Anyway, all this idle speculation is merely a ploy to do something other than sort out my tax return, which I brought in today so that I could work on it at lunchtime. In fact I nearly provoked a security incident by leaving my bag unattended in a corridor. "Sorry I couldn't complete my tax return, but the documents were destroyed in a controlled explosion".


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