Thursday, May 25, 2006


Oooh, a bit stiff this morning. So I'll give it a rest until tomorrow. There's a lot of good stuff about beginning running on the Serpentine Running Club's site, and in particular this programme for beginners which is based on listening to your body - deciding each day's activity on whether you feel tired from the day before. I don't feel exactly tired, but definitely a bit stiff. So I'll leave going out again until tomorrow morning.

A key feature of my new running schedule is that it involves getting up at the same time whether or not I'm going running. If I can stick to it, this means that the choice isn't "Should I stay in this nice warm bed for half an hour or should I drag myself out onto the cold, damp streets of Cambridge?", but rather "Should I go for a nice invigorating run, or should I do the ironing?" We'll see how it goes.


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