Sunday, May 28, 2006

Easy like Sunday morning

A gentle but very pleasant run/walk this morning, round the slightly longer loop. I felt as if I could have gone on for some time, though a minute running then a minute walking isn't too challenging. Sunday morning is definitely a good time to go out. I'll increase the running interval by half a minute a week until I get to run 4/walk 1, then by a minute a week until I get to 10/1. And I'll gently increase the overall distance, too - no more than 10% a week is a popular rule of thumb.

One thing that slightly concerns me is that my standard route is on surfaces that all slope gently down to the left, which is probably doing something funny to my running form. Perhaps I should cross over to the other side of the road to spend a bit of time running on a surface that slopes the other way, or perhaps I should just run down the flat middle of the road, if there's not too much traffic about. Hmm.


Blogger Matt Whyndham said...

Yes, you should definitely even out the camber from time to time. It's best not to run on a tarmac road at all, but on a trail or footpath. The surface is slightly more forgiving, the lumps and bumps are actually good for the feet, and in the summer you'll find it cooler than black tarmac. Get the OS maps out!

28 May, 2006 23:03  

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