Friday, June 30, 2006

June summary

I've been getting out fairly consistently this month. I've been speeding up significantly in the last week or so; I need to watch that I don't overdo this. But apart from a wobble last weekend I've been feeling pretty good. The challenge for the next month will be the longer runs at the weekend, which will extend from 4.5km to 7km. Also I'll see if I can keep running while we're away on holiday.

Outings: 17
Total distance: 47.6 km (29.6 miles)
Total running time: 5:40
Average pace: 7:08 min/km (11:29 min/hr)


Blogger jeanne said...

love the charts and graphs! and looks like the running is coming right along too!

08 July, 2006 03:14  

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