Friday, June 09, 2006

Gratuitous Running Advice

Here's a summary of the advice for beginners that I've posted recently. I'll aim to keep this post updated as a reference for the surprisingly steady stream of people who arrive here looking for information about beginning running.

I suppose some sort of disclaimer is appropriate. I'm not claiming to be any sort expert on running; I'm just writing about my own experience as a new runner, and summarizing things I've read elsewhere. If you follow all the advice on this site, and both your legs fall off, don't blame me. Before starting a course of exercise, or indeed anything else, you should take responsibility for your own actions :-)

Gratuitous Running Advice:
  1. Do some walking first
  2. Making a schedule
  3. Get some good shoes
There are lots of other resources on the web for the new runner. The Serpentine Running Club in London has a particularly good selection of advice for beginners, and obviously they know vastly more about running than I do. And there are a vast number of running blogs listed at Complete Running, many of them regularly updated. And you can always start your own...


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