Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Well, on the bright side I remained relatively sober and even got a decent amount of sleep while I was away in Nottingham last night; however I didn't actually do any running this morning, despite being up quite bright and early. The thing is, you see, in that part of the world they have these scary-looking things that are largely unknown here in Cambridgeshire. Hills. Well, we do have the occasional one - Cambridge's castle mound, for example, built by the invading Normans nearly a thousand years ago. Indeed a few years back there was a piece in the paper about some poor local runner who wanted to do some hill training, and, in the absence of any alternatives, was reduced to running up and down the castle mound repeatedly. In the end the local council made him stop, on the grounds that he was causing excessive erosion.

So, anyway, rather than slogging up and down the hills of Nottingham I settled for a brisk sunshiny walk around the very attractive University campus this morning; I'll get back on the road tomorrow. Oh yes.


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