Monday, June 19, 2006


Sunday morning's run was my longest run yet, and pretty comfortable it was too. At 33 minutes for 4.5km I won't be breaking any records just yet, but the aim is gradual but steady improvement without overdoing it and hurting something. I'm still only four weeks in to my running programme. A shorter run this morning, the start of week five, also very comfortable. Heel happy, shoulder fairly happy, calves tolerable.

It's at around this stage of a beginner's running programme, when you start seeing a significant improvement, that there's a great temptation to push things too hard. You right-click your pace graph in Excel, select "Add Trendline", and discover that at your present rate of progress you'll become world running champion within a year, and achieve warp speed soon after that. But, of course, it doesn't quite work like that - your initial rapid improvement gives way to much more gradual progress once the low-hanging fruit is plucked. The key thing is to keep pushing onward, but with realistic expectations of how rapidly you'll improve.

Unusually I'm going to be away from home tomorrow night, at a work conference at Nottingham University, so my Wednesday morning run will be round some part of the campus there. From the map, it looks like there's a loop of about 3k which which probably be about right. We should also have access to the sports centre there, but that might be a little complicated first thing in the morning. Now, if only I can avoid drinking too much beer while watching the England v Sweden match on Tuesday evening...


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